August 27, 2013


When we talk about touched, they immediately think of some ceremony. For me, not always so.

Today had a beach party, to say goodbye friends, after a summer together.
In these cases, the look has to be very casual, as almost you always end up in the water.

To me, to casual looks, I like to give a special touch especially when it is a party.
A sequined bikini and my headdress MIBÚH : a wreath of flowers think it's deal.

I think,I did not need more, . What do you think?, A style a little hippy chic

I leave you with the images and I hope you like


Exclusive design of headdresses

Chiqui Navarro is the author of these amateur photos

Atelier Mon Air , en Madrid , diseña modelos exclusivos hechos a medida con mucho gusto. En estos momentos están preparando la colección del verano 2014 y lanzarán al mercado una colección de trajes de Comunión a finales de Septiembre . 
Son un gran equipo de tres chicas que trabajan de la mano sumando talentos y el resultado es espectacular 
Dirección: Agreda 4 chalet 28033 Madrid y su contacto es Chiqui Navarro ( 


August 24, 2013


Hello, friends

Today I spent the day at the pool.

I chose a very comfortable outfit, as always in the summer.
White dress with one shoulder (I love this style of dress) and fluo accessories, you know I'm a fan of fluo, but always in small doses, I find it a touch of color added to any look happy if you know wear well, but be very careful ...
My wedges Miss Hamptons, I love this style, what do you think?, have fluo touch in  printing and combine well with my leather bracelets and natural stones Pintor de Gala. In summer, I love to wear a lot of bracelets and these are ideal.

I leave you with photos of the outfit.


August 20, 2013


Hello, friends

A relaxing time without doing anything, it is necessary from time to time, do not you think?

This is just what I needed today: music, a cool drink and think a bit about my stuff ... to get to September full of energy.

When I'm at home, on the beach, I spend the day in bikini, today I'm wearing my bikini Sucrette, style a little pin up and retro, perfect for the occasion.

  Take to paint my nails, read a bit and of course take a bath in the pool, I guess like you.

I leave you with the images and I hope you like

Chiqui Navarro is the author of these amateur photos.
 He is also the creator of the "Mon Air "brand,   whose website will be open at the end of September, and whose maximum is good taste and love for well-made garments. This specialized in children's clothing and special occasion clothing for their mothers
Madrid fashion weeks  i'll take some exclusive shirts made by her and I will go to visit her Atelier in Madrid.
 I will continue to count ....

August 18, 2013


Well ... we have already passed the 15 August, this means that starts the countdown to the end of the summer holidays.

When this date is about beginning to think all I have to do the next season and I love to start with lots of illusion and positive energy.

Today I am wandering around the SANTA ANA CASTLE, also known as the castle of  Las Roquetas, it is a sixteenth-century fortress that served as a defensive bastion and refuge for the inhabitants of the municipality. In 2003 it was restored and is now one of the most emblematic exhibition centers in the municipality.

As always, during these months, the today look is the beach own: simple, comfortable and chic, as I like to me ;)
I mixed in the same look: number shirt (super trend) and leopard short. A little color in accessories and my sequined little bag, which I also like to use for the day.

What do you think?, Do you dare?.
Hopefully if :)


I hope you forgive me, my English is not perfect, quite the opposite;)