February 4, 2014


Hello! people 

How about a week?. I am having a very agitated days, doing a thousand things and preparing my next trip to Milan, and I will speak later. 

Today's post: " My tee " . The tee,  is a garment usually short sleeves, round neck, no pockets and no buttons. From the fifties are a symbol of the Western way of life, widespread around the world. 

Start the season we started using many t-shirts in our looks. I love to add some accessories to give it that extra special touch (which I call CC touch), jokes apart. 

I hope you like the CC touches 


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TEE:  John Breck

NECKLACE:  Armário sem Chave

BRACELET: Flor Amazona

CLUTCH: Kettlebell Jewels

NAIL POLISH: Black is Black! by Faby

  PHOTOS: Virginia Roldán