April 3, 2014


Hello, Friends 
As always see in my post, I choose for my manicure to Faby. I love it for its broad colorful, high duration (over a week) and the names so sympathetic that have each of their packaging. 
Faby is also present these days in the Cosmoprof Fair Bologna ( Italy ).

 New line of nail lacquers of Italian design, more than 160 shades available, a unique mix of delicates to strong hues, classic shades meet original colors.
FABY is a project base on principles that mix tradition and innovation. Over 30 years of experience in the Beauty business to bring You an excellent product, of high level and performance.
This bottle, with his soft and sinuous shape, holds the essence of color. His practical ergonomic lead matches perfectly with the extraordinary brush of 400 bristles, his flexibility allows You to apply nail lacquer easily and precisely.
Every nail lacquer has his own title, a name inspired to his color, a short story to tribute memories, cinema, literature, voyages, music, fairytales.

Hope you like it as much as me and I invite you to try their fun colors. 

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 Plastic jewels and neon lifhts

Hula Hoop pink

Sunglasses and bikini


  1. Andrò sicuramente a vederli dal vivo, sabato, al Cosmoprof! Baci

    1. Ciao!, cara
      Io vorrei andare ma purtgroppo sará in altra ocasione. Salutami a Mr Faby!!

  2. Bellissimi colori, purtroppo anche se sono vicina a Bologna non avrò occasione di andare al Cosmoprof per vederli dal vivo... :(
    ciao :)
    www.chiaweb.it - VINCI 150€ su Asos!

  3. che bello questo post
    Faby ha bisogno di una testimonial come te
    bellissime le tue foto
    adoro Faby

  4. Anche io li uso questi smalti,sono i migliori!!!
    ---> fashion blogger pamela soluri <----
    Buona giornata