June 1, 2014


Hello, Friends
Today we welcome to June, with a big storm here.I spent the day comfortably at home with my new Opaline pajamas.
My short pajama is the combination of pajama pants Radha and Sita. Perfect for those times when you want to hang out in your pajamas all day day, at home or on the beach,  complement. Jaipur Fine cotton fabric, slim fit piping, chest pocket, and an open neckline.
Designed in Italy. Fabric print of Rajasthan. Adapted in Bombay. 100% cotton.
Opaline want to promote not only incredibile craftsmanship and talent in India, but decided to give 5% of every item sold at the Ramana Maharshi Sri Higher Secondary School Enrollment in Tiruvannamalai, South India.

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PAJAMA: Opaline