December 8, 2013


Hello, Friends

Today I want to talk about Estrosa and the new line of semi-permanent enamels made ​​in italy. A collection of 80 extra-bright colors to get the perfect nails and always glamorous.

Easy and quick to apply thanks to the smooth and soft texture. The enamels Estrosa last three weeks.

The practical Estrosa Kit is a small suitcase with everything you need for the application of semi-permanent gel enamel at home too!.

- 14 ml
- Quick application
- Mirror effect for 3 weeks
- No breaks
- Extra Bright
- Nail super-subtle
- Wide color chart

Italian product and is now also sold in Spain.
What you will find them in very specialized beauty salons and also like me at home.
Phone: 930011333 where you inform you of the closest point Estrosa in Spain

To celebrate the success of my nails, my friends also wanted to try the semipermanent enameled Estrosa. I organized at home a manicure party with my friends, now very fashionable.
All were delighted and it is best that we had so much fun.

My look: As we are in Christmas atmosphere, I like to use to remove seriousness sequins and decided to combine my sequined skirt with a shirt with message by Fusion RV.

I Wear earrings in the same tones by Lady of the Rings.

Pink bracelet and clutch by  Kettlebell Jewels Italy

Transparent bracelet with strass Lowlita

Ipad Case by  Benjamins

EPOS Glasses 

CC fashion and Estrosa  wish you Merry Christmas!


SHIRT: Fusion by RV


BRACELET: Lowlita & You

IPAD COVER: Benjamins


  1. meravigliosa Conchy
    carinissima l'idea del party in casa per farsi le unghie.
    brava creativa bella e deliziosa.

    1. Ahhh, cara Angela, cuanto ti penso
      Che bella e buona sei sempre con me, per questo ti adoro tanto ;)
      Non vedo l`ora di revederci
      Grazie mile