December 12, 2013


Hello, Friends

Today I want to talk about Italian brand Braccialini.

Braccialini, is one of the most dynamic companies in the skin. It is the symbol of a business venture of all Italians from their roots, having regard to their knowledge and fantasy. The audacious and international strategic visions followed from the beginning led to its rapid expansion throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China and Japan. In every corner of the world, the brand continues braccialini building an authentic, unique, inimitable and 'Made in Italy'.

And my Braccialini bag,  Carla model a homage to Carla Braccialini. Because it `s beautiful feeling a little like her.The new model " carry over " by  Braccialini, is characterized by a special molderia in which the experienced artisan tradition merges with a more glamorous and modern design.
The version of ostrich-print calfskin.

I am very glad that Braccialini think of me for your bag Carla.

I challenge them to see the outfit that I will make with my bag.


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